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December 2, 2013


“Jingle bells” was composed in 1857, and not for Christmas – it was originally a Thanksgiving song!


November 27, 2013


The first Macy’s Parade took place in 1924 and was referred to as the Macy’s Christmas Parade. It started as a gimmick to promote Macy’s stores, the employees dressed as various characters like clowns and cowboys, and walked Central Park Zoo animals along a 60-mile-long route that stretched from Midtown Manhattan to Harlem.


November 25, 2013


 In the 1540s, the guinea fowl, was imported from Madagascar through Turkey by traders known as turkey merchants. The guinea fowl was also nicknamed the turkey fowl. Then, the Spanish brought turkeys back from the Americas by way of North Africa and Turkey, where the bird was mistakenly called the same name. Europeans who encountered the bird in the Americas latched on to the “turkey fowl” name, and the term was condensed simply to “turkey.”


November 22, 2013


The biggest turkey on record weighed 86 pounds.


November 21, 2013


Sarah Josepha Hale, an American magazine editor, persuaded Abraham Lincoln to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday.  She is also the author of the popular nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb”


November 18, 2013

nov18If you were to stacked up all the cans of cranberry sauce bought last Thanksgiving if would stand twice as tall as the Empire State Building.